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Digital-Virtual Training

Digital-Virtual Training

Any industry or company can not survive without a team work that you may need to fulfill the knowledge to become an experts with professional skills to the employee. When the company services are no different when it comes to the market where selling same products, it can't be achieved the sales target.

In fact, without training the staff which will makes no progressive operating the job in their responsive fields, because the person who don't have the proficient knowledge to supervise. Training to the staff makes it self-realization the individual skills and perfectly create new ideas, new way to lead the organization.

Learning Management System is an e-learning platform where can upload the skill courses to train the employees and let thousand of them pass the Q&A exam. Tracking records are included in every parts and the enrollment alerts can be notified by supervisor crosscheck the history of individual's learning history. An awards certificate uploading content are performed in the Platform where you will be evaluated the adequate staffs by checking the Q&A exam and lead the company with professionals. E-Learning provide a corporate training without any difficulties and it become a main string then the traditional class-room teaching in the class-room.


Video-CAM integrated

Online meetings and webinars

Set up live communication with screen sharing and chats right in LMS eLearning. Online meetings are available from any device and recorded in HD-format for future playback.


This webinar

  • Provides insights ranging from virtual training basics (definition, options, and benefits) to tips, training strategies, and best practices that you can practically use.
  • Addresses the challenge of engaging remote learners and provides best practices to help you engage and train them effectively.
  • Shows how to create high-impact virtual training, illustrated through sales, leadership, compliance, soft skills, and application simulations training.
  • Offers solutions on how to future-proof your virtual training transformation strategy.



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