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Soft Skill Training – YES or NO!!

Soft Skill Training – YES or NO!!

How easy is it to learn soft skills?

Success of a business depends on soft skills and hard skills of its employees. So the question will appear in mind what works better, Soft skill or hard skill? Most businesses claim that their success is a result of better use of employee soft skills.

Organizations are rapidly adapting to the change, innovations, delivery quality, adhering to the timelines, providing superior customer support and along with all these have collaborative approach towards team of diversified culture. Organizations make use of the soft skills of their leaders to ensure that everyone is in sync and working towards achieving the organizational goal. In industry it is the biggest challenge to find the person with required hard skills and soft skills as well. The biggest question is if the Soft skill can be trained? The answer can be either YES or a NO depending on various factors of learning.



Soft Skill Training – YES or NO!!

Some soft skills are like a personal trait that can or cannot be changed even after training in company or as students. It is generally observed that you cannot even train to change the trait of a person. Trait of a person still not to be necessarily expected to change after the training. It is an intangible skill and hence it’s difficult to measure its role in accomplishing or executing any task. Is it really possible to improve the soft skills and can it be measured?

The other soft skill type “leadership quality” can be trained and can be measured as well. Such soft skills directly or indirectly make huge impact on the overall performance of the organization. Thus it is possible to measure the effectiveness and comparative analysis done. It is more about adapting the leadership quality to bring the change in the organization.

How difficult is the soft skills training?

Soft skill training and its effectiveness depend on the trainee or students. Most of the trainers say that even if it is the same training for many learners, the outputs are different for each individual. Sometimes even industry experts feel that soft skill training is difficult than hard skills. The next question is: Can anyone learn leadership the same way that can learn typewriting or any other technical skill? Is it the same effort required to learn soft skill and hard skill? Some may agree to say YES. It completely depends on the learner how quick he or she tries to learn any skill. You can start learning skills through some online learning platform. It is very much convenient and easily accessible. The easiest way can be learning through interactive videos that help the learners to visualize and learn.



Many researchers claim that success largely depends on soft skills than technical skills. Soft skills help in being creative and successful while technical skills help in performing a task the could help trainee or students in future.


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