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Educational Apps Development


User-Friendly Learning Management System

People look up to educational mobile apps for detailed knowledge and information. we provide top-notch education app development services for Startups, schools, universities, and institutions to give proper support to turn your startup into a profitable venture. We’re an Education & Elearning app development company renowned for innovative Learning Management Systems (LMS) and educational mobile apps. Hire Top Educational Apps Development Company in Yangon, Myanmar. As a leading education app development solution provider, we offer services that help you reach top of your market.

Educational apps allow students to have access to invaluable resources and learning materials on laptops and mobile devices. One benefit of these types of apps is that they can keep students connected to the classroom, even while they’re away from school.


Easy to build courses, assign them to learners, and accurately track the results.

Course Authoring
Create and share any kind of content docs, pdfs, ppts, excel, videos, audios, YouTube links and SCORM.

Smart Learning Analytics
Get metrics, balance scorecards, reports and charts, all available in one place, to help you make smart business decisions.

Apps and Interface
Allow users to access CALF™ from anywhere, anytime using our Android & iOS mobile apps and intuitive interfaces.

Service multiple customers and batches, assign them to multiple groups and allow groups to access one learning program