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Is it LMS eLearning secure?

Yes, it is as secure as it gets. All data is transmitted over a secure and encrypted channel. People cannot share your material with their URL since it expires after a few minutes.

Can I give certifications for completed courses?

Yes. You can assign a certification to a course. Each user that completes the course will get the related certification. It is easy to design certification or use one of the pre-made ones.

Can I use my own domain?

Absolutely! You can select a LMS eLearning-based domain or you can map your own domain.

Can users view which courses and tests they have taken?

Yes, your users will see their course completion status and check course progress and their current results on tests.

Can an LMS eLearning software support an organization of any size?

LMS eLearning software ensures that its clients achieve the highest success levels. Firstly, it starts with ensuring that the business and training sessions are a good fit for the company’s services and products; this means that the results that are gained through training should benefit the overall growth objectives of the company. Some LMS eLearning software will favor midsize to large scale companies because these levels can afford the features and tools and also benefit from the functionality. However, sometimes, there are LMS platforms that offer custom configurations and plans for startups and small businesses.

Can LMS eLearning be customized?

Absolutely. We can customize the user interface to match your Corporate Theme, Logo, Colours etc.

How are exam scores calculated and recorded?

Exams consist of objective-based, randomly-generated, multiple-choice questions. Exams are computer-graded and results are available immediately. Results are stored permanently by the Learning Management System (LMS) and available at any time.

How do students log in?

Students can either self-register or be registered by an Administrator. During registration, each student receives a unique username and password for logging into the system.

What tech skills do I need to use the LMS?

None at all. LMS eLearning is intuitive and very easy to use. You’ll be creating and distributing courses in no time.

What are the cancellation terms?

You may cancel auto-renewal of your subscription at any time, in which case your subscription will continue until the end of that billing cycle before terminating.